Friday, August 15, 2008

To "Bee" or not to "Bee" ...

Actually, none of these pictures are of bees, but rather their cousins, wasps, and the flies which mimic them as protection against predation.

The first five images show a large Bald Faced Hornet (Dolichovespula maculata) nectaring on a Hydrangea. I think this plant is the "Grandiflora" variant, at any rate, it produces sprays of scented flowers that attracts insects ... literally hundreds of different species ... like a magnet.

Mason Wasp (Euodynerus sp.)

Grass Carrier Wasp (Isodontia sp.)

Black and Yellow Mud Dauber (Sceliphron cementarium)

Don't know for sure what this wasp in the next two photos is ... it's likely a Weevil Wasp (Cerceris sp.). I'll have to keep an eye out and try to observe one with its prey.

Another mystery wasp species ... ???

A Mason Wasp and a Toxomerus Hoverfly on a Hydrangea

Close-up of a Toxomerus Hoverfly on a Bull Thistle

Check out the hind legs on this Syrphid Fly (Tropidia sp.)

A colorful Soldier Fly (Odontomyia sp.)

Another Drone Fly: the coloration on this fly and the two depicted in prior posts is different ... this one looks like Eristalis arbustorum.