Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When Time Stands Still

This isn't about Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and the time dilation experienced in strong gravitational fields or accelerated frames of reference. The following images are attempts to capture time as perceived subjectively by the human mind and further filtered through the medium of the digital camera. Everything from landscapes to details, and anything in between, sometimes it was the lighting or color, sometimes the feeling, thought, or insight experienced during that special moment – here are a few of my favourite memories frozen in time ...

September Sunset – fortunately I paused for a second to snap this shot from my upstairs window, because by the time I made it downstairs to get a "better" view the magic was gone. Sometimes life's most beautiful moments are the most fleeting ...

The irresistible force of water meets the immovable rocks at Point Petre on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in a contest that has endured for thousands of years and will continue for thousands more.

Caught in the middle, clinging to the inhospitable faces of the rocks, these delicate Harebells are pounded by the wind and waves along the Point Petre shoreline but nevertheless they persevere.

Kalm's Lobelia photographed at the Stoco Fen – another flower that looks almost too fragile to hold itself upright, let alone carry the weight of the dewdrops on its petals.

Infinite Horizon – looking out over the water of Deerock Lake in early September it feels like you can see forever ...

Essence of Tranquility – Flowering Rush along the shore of the Moira River.

A Moment of Reflection – another peaceful summer scene, this photo was taken at the Clare River in July.

Shafts of frozen November sunlight filtered through a frost covered stand of Tall Goldenrod.

The golden sunlight of an autumn afternoon captured within the silky strands of a milkweed follicle about to let its seeds fly free.

Opposites in Harmony – a Taoist theme. Despite their contrasting colors, shapes and textures the needles and the "berry" of an American Yew combine create a unified esthetic whole.

Acres and acres of Grey-stemmed Goldenrod, Mother Nature is nothing if not exuberant.

Freeze! This startled Red Squirrel was trying to make itself inconspicuous, it wasn't twitching so much as a whisker – save and except for pressing the camera's shutter button, neither was I.

Balancing Act – a female Eastern Amberwing photographed on a really hot, humid day at the Stoco Fen. This behaviour is called "obelisking"; by pointing its wings and abdomen at the sun, the dragonfly reduces the amount of heat and light absorbed by its body.

Ripples in Time – Crustose Lichens creating some interesting geometry on a fragment of gneiss. Lichens grow about one millimeter per year (this can vary, depending on the species and climate), making these growths anywhere from 150 to 200 years old. And the gneiss itself could well be the age of the earth ... about 4.5 billion years ...

Vestiges of Bittersweet – most of the fruits have fallen from the vine, but it only takes a tiny touch of color to brighten up an otherwise overcast October afternoon. Sometimes a little bit goes a long way ...

Splashes of Scarlet – tangled masses of eye-catching Virginia Creeper growing along a late September hedgerow.

Mute Swans at Presqu'ile Provincial Park ... "When it hurts to look back and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there." – Author Unknown